Eggs And Cholesterol-What’s The Truth About Yolks?

I eat eggs, I’m sure you do too.  I mean they are a excellent source of protein and the sight of chicken in the morning isn’t that mouthwatering.  So you eat the whites  and only the whites right? Well when I diet, I certainly do since it reduces my calories but should you fear the yolk?  What’s the truth about eggs and your cholesterol?

Old wisdom tells us that we need to avoid cholesterol or else bad things will happen. If we avoid cholesterol than blood cholesterol levels will decrease and our  health will increase. Fortunately for us, our body will always throw a monkey wrench into logical science. You see our body wants to maintain balance at all times. Decrease your dietary cholesterol and your liver will produce more cholesterol for daily functions. Eat more and your body will produce less. The end result? Our total cholesterol stays the same.


So why would our body produce cholesterol in the first place if it is bad? Don’t use this as an excuse to consume pounds of fat but cholesterol has a place in various functions of our body. First off, our body needs cholesterol for production of various important hormones that actually prevent heart disease. Not to mention that cholesterol is a very powerful antioxidant.

So when we consume too much sugar, bad carbs and dangerous fats, our body will raise our cholesterol levels to fight those foods that we’ve just ingested. So having high cholesterol doesn’t mean we’re prone to heart disease. With all the bad foods that we eat today, if our body didn’t produce cholesterol we’d actually increase our chances of a heart attack.

So what’s the truth about eggs and cholesterol? You can certainly afford to have a few yolks during the week and you can ignore those restrictions on how often you can consume yolks. Handling cholesterol is about making good diet choices day after day.


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  1. Virat
    9 years ago

    i eat 3 whole eggs daily!!!
    is it fine????

  2. admin
    9 years ago

    That’s fine. 3-4 whole eggs daily is fine.

  3. Jerry
    9 years ago

    I eat 6-12 eggs daily (I love eggs!). I limit my yolks to 3 per day. I eat red meat twice weekly and don\’t eat any fast food. My entire family: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister… are all on medication to control their Cholesterol. I\’m the oldest (38 years old) and my Cholesterol is well within normal. I credit a healthy lifestyle combined with regular cardio and weight training.

    Eggs… bring em on!

  4. admin
    9 years ago

    Rock on Jerry! You know the issue that most people have is that they blame the eggs or they take cholesterol lowering drugs but still eat cheeseburgers. if your healthy then you’ll be fine.

  5. Virat
    9 years ago

    k thnx!!…

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