Female Fat Loss:Jaime Filer Update

My bad. I didn’t post Jaime’s 22 week out update because I forgot. Sorry! She’s back with her 21 week out update.

Jaime’s Blog

Ugh. That’s all I’ve got. Just “Ugh.” It’s been 4 weeks/1 month of
dieting, and the scale hasn’t moved. Yes, I d*cked around the first
week, slacked on cardio and fiddled with the diet, but since that
adjustment period, I’ve been clean. White knuckling the urge to binge,
OVERdoing the cardio for a week, holding myself accountable on
Facebook… But for some reason, the scale is trying to hold me back.
And we’re talking about normal, weekly weigh-ins, not the daily, OCD

Personally, I think a lot of it has to do with carbs. I think (this is
all based on an unhealthy 12 year obsession/relationship with food and
how my body responds to it) that carbs and I don’t really agree. Sure,
a small quantity at certain points in the day, but even then, I wonder
if they like me. The things is, it’s not even the physical part that
they mess up, it’s more the psychological part. They set up this
“craving” in my brain whereby if I have some, I need many. I don’t
know what it is. I’ve been avoiding the “many”, of course, but when
you’re getting 180g 2x/week, it’s REALLY hard to force yourself to

And as some of your know, when you don’t see a ton of progress, it
starts to plant the seed of self-doubt: “Am I really cut out for
bodybuilding?”, “Should I be doing this?”, “What’s the point of it
all?”. And THAT is way worse than seeing any number on the scale;
beginning to doubt yourself and your capabilities. I’m not writing
this blog to sound negative (though I assume at this point, most of
you think I’m this self conscious, self doubting and annoying all the
time; I can assure you, that is NOT my disposition). I’m writing this
blog I guess to demonstrate just how much of a mental game (read:
Mindf***) contest prep can be.

Diet was ON this week (incl the carb bump), and training was rockin. I
did what I was supposed to. Now you can see why maybe, possibly, I
could be, perhaps, just slightly frustrated (this is obviously not
with Jimmy, more myself and my body).

Jimmy’s Notes

Jaime has some serious carbohydrate issues and NOT the type that most people think they have. It’s almost a eating disorder type of issue with carbs that needs to be monitored and handled properly. I’d dropped one of her weekly refeed days, upped her cardio and lowered the carbs over ALL day.

While I’m not the biggest fan of cardio for burning fat, I’d rather Jaime get ready early then having to force her to do an hour of cardio daily as we get closer to her show. This type of manipulation can only be learned through years of dealing with clients and I’m 100% assured that she’ll respond the way I think she will.

Do you suffer from the same issues as Jaime? Can you NOT handle cheat meals or meals high in carbohydrates? Is it because of past experiences?

Once you can identify your issue with carbohydrates and how they effect you, then you can make lasting change. With Jaime, carbohydrates make her binge. How do you respond to them?

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