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It’s time, you’ve trained hard for months and now you’re ready to start your figure competition diet
to lose the last bit of fat and prime your body for your contest. You look everywhere online for figure diet tips and all you’re left with is a bunch of ideas and zero action plans. You could start out and just go with a standard low carb diet or you could look up your favorite figure competitor and get your figure competition diet from them. It’s better then just reading the internet for days right?



See the problem with both approaches is that the diet isn’t going to be specific to you. A top figure competitor may be able to give you a good diet but is it going to be able to focus on the areas that you want to develop? That’s left to chance. So here’s what your figure competition diet needs to consist of (for more other dieting methods look at how to set up a six pack diet and check out what you need to do with your nighttime nutrition).

Figure Competition Diet Tip # 1

You need to establish your baseline amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats per pound of body weight. While I don’t think that you need to be 100% right on every time, you do need to stick to these recommendations or else you’ll be in big trouble.

So there’s a few ways to go about this and see how your body works best. Personally, I like a low carb diet with training specific high carb days. These aren’t the traditional super high carb days to refill muscle¬† glycogen, they are based on what muscle group that you are training on this day. So if you trained your back or legs you’d increase your carb intake. Don’t worry about those high carb days on your figure competition diet, they’ll actually help you to improve weak areas and go into your show building lean muscle.


So here’s what I recommend

Carbohydrates: about .2-1.0 grams per pound of bodyweight

Fat: about .1-.02 per pound of bodyweight

Protein: about.9-1.0 grams per pound of bodyweight

(Please keep in mind these are generalizations)

Here’s more information on determining how much protein you need.

So once you have your bases established you can then…

Figure Competition Diet Tip # 2

Determine what areas that you need to improve and what areas have more fat on them then you’d like. I bring this up because while it’s heavily influenced by your training cycle it’s also influenced by your hormonal patterns.¬† Have hip fat that just won’t tighten up so you can see your hip flexors? Then your figure competition diet better be high in insulin managing supplement like r-ala, calcium-d-glucarate and omega-3 fish oils. What about your glute-ham tie-in? Do you need to make that area get tighter? Well then you have to get rid of the extra estrogen that you have from hormonal imbalances. So you’d want to focus on using DIM, Omega-3’s and GLA.

Figure Competition Diet Tip # 3

Add some sodium into your diet from the beginning. What do you think happens when you cut out sodium on the last few days of the contest? You end up holding more water because now the body is looking for sodium but it can’t find it. Another benefit of sodium in your diet is that it can aid you in storing your carbohydrates better on the day that you choose to eat more carbs.

While this is just the tip of the iceberg, I feel that this gives you a general guide line to begin your figure competition diet and win your contest. For more personal nutrition plans email me here.


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  1. Eugenekgn
    9 years ago

    Hey Jimmy, does it make sence for someone who has a goal of “weight loss” with 20% defecit to change his microneutrient rations from work out day which are 40% carbs / 30% protien / 30 % fat to 30% carbs / 40% protien / 30 % fat.

    Ps: This might help, I am extreamly active – i workout 4 days (hour each session) and i religiously walk 15,000- 20,000 steps a day.

  2. Jenny
    8 years ago

    Well written post!


  3. Taylor
    8 years ago

    hi there. I was reading comp tip #3 and was kind of excited to see the information regarding sodium. I am not a fan of salt but eat a chili powder with salt in it, on my fruit and cucumbers…I know I use it alot and I am cutting back but how much is ok?

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