First Look:Captain America Super Solider

Captain America Super Solider is set to hit the stores in late July in order to further promote the Captain America First Avenger movie staring Chris Evans. What were my first impressions of the video game after seeing a demo?

-The game fills in Steve Rogers’ early days as Captain America. I like that since the movie will skip over it.

-Everything looks the same. It seemed that you went from dark brown wall in a underground facility to another place that looked the same fighting people that looked the same.

-Combat in Captain America boils down to punches, kicks, and shield moves. You can throw the shield and direct it, pull off finishing knockout moves, and so on, but most of the time you’re just ping ponging between enemies and laying them out.

-The fact that the environments and action look so similar is a huge letdown, but it doesn’t help that the game still feels like a run of the mill third-person adventure.

The result?

I’m not too high on it right now but Sega will probably show a little more which will get me amped up for it.

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