Fitness and Nutrition Frequently Asked Questions

I’m frequently asked the same fitness and nutrition questions all the time. I’ve made this fitness and nutrition FAQ section to answer your biggest questions.

Jimmy Smith Training seeks to provide you with the latest and best training and diet information and products available to help you reach your physique goals. As a result, this site contains a high volume of information. So if you are unsure where you should begin, I’ve addressed some of the most commonly asked questions on this page.

Q: Where do I start?

A: The best place to start is with some of our cornerstone, or “how to” articles. These articles were designed to help you set up your diet or training programs and tweak them to get optimal results. You can check those articles out here

Six Pack Diet

Six Pack Ab Workout

Bodybuilding Workout

Q: My main goal is to lose more fat and burn more calories. What resources do you have that can help me?

A: Burning calories and increasing metabolism is an increasing need that has been address on this site in a few different articles. Here’s your best options.

5 Ways To Burn More Calories

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Cardio Or Calories

Q: I love bodybuilding and am thinking of doing a contest. What are your best bodybuilding articles?

A: I’m a big bodybuilding fan to. Here’s a few articles that deal with more bodybuilding based diet and training.

Ketogenic Diet For Bodybuilding

Protein And Bodybuilders

Protein And Bodybuilding

Shoulder Training Guide

Chest Training Guide

Arm Training Design

13 Trick For Bigger Arms

Q: I really need to lose stomach fat and finally get my six pack. Where should I look first?

A: There’s a series of articles on the site about dealing with your ab training and more to come.

Lower ab training

27 ways to lose stomach fat

Q: I’ve heard a lot of things about cardio and why I shouldn’t just walk on the treadmill. Do you have any information for me?

A: Here’s two great resources.

Cardio cycling for six pack abs

A closer look at the fat burning zone

Q: Recently, I’ve been reading about fasting for weight loss. Is it any good?

A: While I have my own thoughts about fasting, here’s a great article about fasting and weight loss

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