Fitness Model Diet Coach

Fitness model diet coaching and nutrition is complex field these days. That’s why I’ve contacted fitness trainer Samantha Bossert for some helpful hints.

1:What does your daily diet look like and how does it differ from your pre figure contest diet? I love food and I can eat! My everyday diet consists of what you’ll see in a mediterranean diet: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, seafood, poultry, meat and wine. I love to have a glass of wine each evening and have a weakness for sweets, especially homemade! I stay away from fried food, butter and ┬áprocessed foods most of the time. I have grown accustomed to the “6 small meals a day” thing, so my daily diet always consists of that. Otherwise, my contest prep diet consists of lots of protein and veggies.

2:Describe a typical training week. What do your workouts look like? Do you include a lot of jump training? I love the weight room! I take pride in doing what the guys do, but I put my own spin on it and incorporate tons of plyometrics and explosive movements to keep my heart rate high and burn more calories. I workout 6-7 days a week and they last between 75-90 minutes long. I love circuit training. I usually complete around 4 different circuits that incorporate weighted exercises for the body part that I am training. For example, I will start with 180 degree burpees, then go right into bent-over rows, then jump lunges, then incline bench biceps curls. That is one circuit and I would repeat that 2 more times.
3: Low intensity or high intensity cardio? Do you add both into your workout? When I am not prepping for a show and functioning on minimal carbs, I always do high intensity cardio. I love keeping my heart rate high and when I finish a workout dripping in sweat, I know I have had a great workout. High intensity cardio keeps me focused and is usually for shorter intervals, which is perfect when incorporating it into my weight training routine.
4:You’re sexy and look amazing in tiny bikinis and you should be proud, you’ve worked hard. I’m sure men stare at you. Do you take it as a sign of appreciation for your hard work? I very much take it as a sign of appreciation of my hard work. It’s a huge compliment and very flattering. However, there is a fine line between a simple stare and creepy ogling. So keep it simple and sweet!
5: You’re in the flex bikini search, where can we vote for you? If you just type in “Flex Bikini Model Search 2012” in google or on the FLEX website, it will be the first link. Click on “Vote Now” and you will see that I am the first girl in the batch. =)



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