Four Deadly Arm Training Mistakes That Rookies Make

While the title says “rookies”, it applies to almost everyone really. You see with our arms we tend to either be very vain (which way is the bathroom, “that” way) or we get shy and don’t want to be typecast as a meathead. IMHO, the idea that someone should be ashamed of training their arms is about as dumb as the people that thought the world was square.


That though process, however, has lead to multiple arm training mistakes that keep the common internet forum post of “my arms won’t grow” alive and happy. Here’s how to avoid those mistakes.

I never really understood why people still proclaim at the highest peak “don’t train your arms directly”. It’s lame, stop saying that please! At the very least, before you make such a statement please clarify that you are only talking to people who train directly for athletic performance and not to those people that want to look good. Some people actually take you serious and you screw up their training. While that was to no one in particular, it needed to be said.

I read on message boards, almost daily, from trainers and “smart” individuals (people that read message boards and think that they know everything) that there’s no reason to train your arms. Listen, if you want to look good then you better train your arms or else you’re going to be crying when summer time comes.

Get real good at close grip chin-ups

Ahh, those “smart” people from the post above feel vindicated. Personally, I feel that close grip chin-ups (if you still have access to such a bar) are the absolute best thing that you can do for your biceps and triceps Not only do you have to manage a heavier load then normal but you also overload the biceps in the most disadvantageous position possible, at the bottom of the chin-up.

Light up your arms directly

Just because your arms are a small muscle group doesn’t mean you need to only hit them with a few sets then be done. While I’m not suggesting that you completely hammer them, using about 9-12 sets for the biceps and for the triceps will result in some short term significant growth.

Bigger forearms=bigger arms

Grip strength is vastly overrated and the stronger your grip is, the bigger your forearms are going to be. The bigger the forearms the more you can handle a bigger load. So use various grips as well as different hand position when your performing your tricep movements to fully work your forearms.

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