Get Rid Of Stomach Fat (A Plea From Your Stomach)

I knew I was tired. After all, I had a long day at work. I went to the gym and I really didn’t get to eat all that well. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast with coffee and lunch was a burger from the cafe in my office with a cup of coffee. Got out of work at 5 and raced to the gym. I warmed up on the treadmill and heard two people next to me talking about a article on how to get rid of stomach fat.

Figured they needed it more then me, I’m only about 20 pounds over weight, sure I have a gut but who doesn’t? I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes then did a machine circuit for another 30 then came home. Had a frozen dinner, watched the Simpsons then went to bed early. Then I had this weird dream about stomach fat.


I was at a baseball game, looking at this chubby umpire with a lot of stomach fat. Then he turned toward me and started talking.


“You know your stomach is getting big, don’t you?” he asked.

I shook my head not believing what I was seeing and replied “Umm well it’s getting a little big.”

“No, you have a problem, all the same problems that I have.” as he began to list off some of my problems.

“You’re 31 years young and your last physical found all of this….

High cholesterol, which you know can lead to hardening and narrowing of your arteries which can in turn lead to a heart attack. You know that right?

He continued

You also know that your blood pressure is high, that can also lead to hardening and narrowing of your arteries and lead to a heart attack but it can also increase the risk of  aneurysms and you don’t want those, do you?”

I was starting to sweat. I know this was a bad dream that I couldn’t get out of. I was sitting alone, on the bleachers, while the stomach of the 3rd base umpire was telling me everything that my doctor just did.

“Ready to get rid of your stomach fat?”, the umpires gut asked.

“I’m thinking about it” I responded and I got up to walk away.

“Hold on” the stomach quickly shouted “I’m not done”. I sat back down, out of pure fear.

“Did you know that your testosterone levels are dangerously low and that your estrogen is abnormally high?” the stomach asked.

“No, I didn’t” I answered and followed-up with “How come?”

“Well you see, the more bodyfat you have then the more estrogen your body produces and the more estrogen you have then less testosterone you have,which starts the whole vicious cycle of more bodyfat”

“Woah I had no clue” I uttered as I looked at my arms.

“Oh yea, that’s why you have arms like Kate Moss” the stomach finished.


Just then my alarm went off and it was time to get up for my day.

I ran to my computer and opened up a email from Jimmy Smith. The subject read “How to get rid of stomach fat” and he listed 5 tips that I could use immediately.

1) Ditch the coffee and drink more tea. The health benefits of tea are very underrated.

2) Perform more high intensity cardio. It burns fat quicker and is more effective for your heart, your hormones and your sanity.

3) Quit eating sugar and other starches as well as fried foods and focus on a eating more protein and healthy fat (Read this article on how to lose fat)

4)  Start reshaping your body and ditch the little machine circuits and instead learn how to use the big 3 movements that burn the most calories (watch these videos on how to squat, how to deadlift and how to bench press)

5) Make sure you take good quality, heart healthy supplements like omega-3 fish oil, resveratrol, creatine and antioxidants.

I printed the email out then made a high protein breakfast smoothie. As I drank it I thought about my dream…

“Man I wish everyone with a big stomach knew how terrible it was for their health and I wish everyone could get rid of stomach fat like I’m going to”.

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  1. rich
    9 years ago

    I like the videos however the volume was real low and you talk too fast. wear a mike and enunciate clearer. PArt of the problem is the gym not very good for recording voice.

  2. Barry Honeycombe
    9 years ago

    Another thought-provoking article, well written. Its good to be reminded of what we can easily do. I lost a lot of weight and no struggle to keep it off. My canteen at work serves very unhealthy food so i have to try to remember to take in good food each day i go into the office. I also eat out at high-end restaurants a lot with clients so that too presents challenges. I tend to select fish when i eat out, avoid desserts and only have 1 or 2 glasses of wine (being the designated driver often helps). I love bread and butter and often have too much, which is a trigger for me. I need to say \"no thanks\" and have the plate taken away at the start of the meal, but easier said than done. I know it does not provide me with much nutrition just wheat, carbs and fat!

  3. chatte
    9 years ago

    Advantageously, the post is really the best on this valuable topic. I harmonize with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your forthcoming updates. Just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the wonderful lucidity in your writing. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Admirable work and much success in your business endeavors!

  4. tracey
    9 years ago

    Good overall site enjoyed reading will def bookmark.

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