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I usually write some longer pieces of losing body fat and most of them are super in-depth. I have some great articles on the site about how to lose fat, lose ab fat and build muscle.

Well this article is going to be a little smaller but it’ll be real good. I promise.

Work into it….

Seriously, that’s it. I can walk off right now and hopefully my point has come across.

When you start a fat loss diet you’re so eager to get the body that you want that you take risky paths in order to lose more fat faster.

If you already cut your calories then why cut them more? It’ll damage your results in the long term.

Take in less food but give your body the time that it needs to progress.

You don’t worry about doubling your bench press overnight do you?

So why do you want fitness model abs overnight?

Do things gradually and see how your body progresses, that’s how you learn your body and see lasting change. You can’t do it with quick and not needed steps. Just won’t happen.

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