Grow Up: How To Ditch The College Look After College

I know you know dudes like this. They’ve been out of college for a few years but still look like they stumbled off their futon after a night of boozing. Yet they still wonder why they don’t get chicks.

Make no bones about it, your style sets you up for success. There’s very few people that can get away with the surfer image and make cheddar. Once you step off that campus, it’s time to dress like a big boy or else Megan Fox will never date you.

Buy Real Bling

Listen, I used to rock one of those Abercrombie necklaces for a hot minute in college, I loved it. I also wouldn’t be caught dead it in now. Get rid of the shell necklaces or wrist bands and get yourself some real bling. Buy a moderately priced watch or chain to wear around your neck. Nothing screams stoner worse then some weird shell necklace.

Bars Are A Great Place For Jeans

Unless you’re at some big outdoor festival, if you go to a bar, wear jeans. I hate when I see dudes rocking shorts and sandals at the bar. We all know that guys don’t train their calves, so do you think some girl, no matter how drunk, is going to let you scoop her with those god awful shorts and sandals on? ¬†Fail.

Collar Unpopped

Note to self: I’ll instantly look like a Douche if I pop my collar. Keep the collar down, look more professional and you’ll get a better reaction from the hot girl that you’ve been grilling.

Groom Yourself

I know that Brett Favre has single handily made the unshaven face in style but there’s a time and place for everytime. I aport it because I hate shaving every night but pick your spots with it.

Drink Real Beer

I know the 22-24 year old who love the bar lifestyle think that there’s nothing wrong with Bud Light but drink a man’s beer. Don’t worry about many beers you drink, it’s not women, go with 4 Corona’s or 8 Bud Lights. You’ll look cooler.

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