Gym Mistakes That Rob Growth

I was resting in between a set of deadlifts the other day in the gym and started observing people. I like doing that. On tv and in the magazines, gyms are fantasy places. Everyone looks good and the women that train there are amazing. In the real world, not so.

So what I’m left doing is sitting there staring at people doing all kind of workouts.

I mean you see everything being done…

Kind of makes it hard to get motivated, no?

Amongest the worst offenders, you might be making these mistakes as well, that I see are…

-Too much volume: I know it sounds sexy and I know the magazines show you the “secrets” the pros use and it’s almost always the answer. I’m not bagging on volume because it doesn’t work, it clearly does. There are numerous published research studies involving volume as the main stressor in training for increased lean muscle.

It clearly works..

What works isn’t always what’s best.

That’s the deal with volume. More people would get by with less volume, slightly more intensity and a program that increases over a duration of time.

-Not enough rest between sets: I’m not one of these guys that sits there with a timer to make sure my rest is exactly 60 seconds between sets, that’s cool if you do. I train based on what my body tells me. I’ve rested for 5 minutes between sets of heavy deadlifts (with some stretching to stay warm) and I’ve rested for 2 minutes.

I see way too many people not taking enough rest. They might be trying to get an increased metabolic advantage by doing multiple exercises, like a circuit without rest but most freqeuntly, it’s the person that runs around the gym like a fool because they don’t know better.

Don’t be that guy or girl, listen to your body or have a purpose with your workout.

-Not sticking to the basics: Everyone does have different goals and that’s fine but just because you’re training to be a BMX athletes or to lose fat, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to train hard or smart. Using our example from above, a BMX athlete might focus on more forearm work whereas someone trying to lose fat, they won’t.

My point is, the basics work…all the time. The dumbest idea is that “since there’s no bench press on the football field, you don’t need to use the bench”.

That’s true but the athlete needs to chest press for various reasons. See my point? Customize your workouts to your goals but keep the basics in your program.

I wanted to hit you guys with a quick blog post to remind you how simple training can really be. Focus on the basics, get it done! Don’t be that guy…

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  1. jeaneaux
    8 years ago

    RE: “-Not enough rest between sets:” I disagree, because it depends on the individual’s goal. If the goal is metabolic conditioning, resting 2 – 5 minutes between sets defeats the purpose.

    RE: “-Not sticking to the basics:…The dumbest idea is that “since there’s no bench press on the football field, you don’t need to use the bench”.” – the idea is not that the bench press is unnecessary, it’s that it is over-emphasized. The functionality of the bench press is overblown.

  2. Marshall
    8 years ago

    Too much volume? what are you referring to as Volume?
    When I go to the gym, I seem to spend most of my time on Cardio, like Elliptical machines or stationary bikes (to burn calories, beef up my 57 yr old metabolism, lose weight, etc.

    My goal is to lose fat that cover/hide my abs. I just can’t seem to get my abs to appear, no matter what. Can’t seem to lose the fat around my mid section, but I try.

    Jimmy, an suggestions that wi;ll work?

  3. Kevin
    8 years ago

    Marshall, by “too much volume” I’m assuming he means people doing 15-20 sets per body part when they’re only benching 200 lbs, squatting 225, and not even deadlifting 300. What you described (cardio regiment) doesn’t really apply to the volume discussion as that pertains to muscle building, whereas your questions have more to do with fat burning (which would include high-intensity or interval workouts for cardio).

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