Hard Body Training:Interview With Melissa Ioja

I enjoy Facebook simply because I get exposed to numerous different types of training methods or theories of training. Today’s interview features a women not afraid to lift heavy.

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Q: You seem to include a lot of jump training in your videos. Do you really see results in your legs from training that way?

A:Yes. My leg strength has improved significantly by including plyometric exercises in my workouts. As I got stronger, I increased the resistance and my legs became even more defined.

Q: There’s also a fantastic cardio benefit to them as well. Helps to lean you out too. What’s so appealing to you about the intense training, were you dissatified with the results of your previous work outs?

A:Absolutely, I used to spend an hour at a time in the gym doing cardio in hopes to get the results that I’m getting now. The workouts I do now are very intense. I change up constantly to avoid hitting a plateau.

Q:What’s a typical upper body workout look like for you?

A:A lot of push ups. There are many exercises to incorporate my upper body during each workout.

Q:What does a typical diet look like for you?

A:I basically try to eat most of my calories early in the day-eating less by the evening. I don’t eat about 3 hours before I sleep. I never count calories, that would drive me insane.

Q: When people complement you on your body, how do you take it?

A:I work hard…compliments tell me it’s working!

Q: Describe your training system for us.

A:Hot Body Method is high intensity interval training (HIIT). I also include rep challenges and cardio workouts. You can find me at www.hotbodymethod.com

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