Health Benefits Of A Green Tea Diet

Green tea, which for centuries has been used in China as a health remedy, has recently been marketed as a weight loss aid. The numerous health benefits that ancient societies understood green tea contains are now being backed by scientifically valid research that shows its metabolism boasting effects. So it makes sense to follow a green tea diet right?

I hate to break it to you but if you bought some green tea pills in hopes that you’d lose 10 pounds in a week, you’ve been scammed.  So what’s the real truth about all the health benefits of a green tea diet? Here’s what the science tells us.

Green tea and weight loss

A recent study on endurance training males examined the effects of green tea and metabolism over 3 weeks during exercise. The results suggested only slight improvements in metabolism in the subjects using green tea (1).

Green tea combined with whey protein showed no benefits for weight management after weight loss (2) yet an analysis of numerous green tea diet studies did show a small benefit for aiding weight loss overall  (3).

When you add it all together we find that green tea provides a small benefit for increasing your metabolism. Is it worth it? Not at the price of certain green tea supplements but adding a few cups and maybe a green tea pill per day to your diet isn’t a bad idea.

I just don’t want to mislead you and tell you that green tea will be the difference between your weight loss struggle and your weight loss success. Nor do I want to push you into the wrong direction. When I say the words” green tea diet” I’m referencing a diet that emphasizes consuming green tea every day.

Personally I consume 2-4 cups per day and a green tea pill that accounts for about 8 cups. When I’m looking to lose fat though, I don’t just focus on green tea. I keep it steady in my diet the way I described above. You’ll be better off following a diet that is based on sound principles and avoiding toxic foods and non organic meats. The video below explains more.

But let’s say that you want the entire spectrum of health benefits associated with a diet high in green tea? What else can you expect? Amongst the research proven benefits of green tea you’ll potentially enjoy…

: Reduced inflammation

: Decreased risk of certain types of cancer

:Increased immune system

:Faster recovery from various types of infection

:Reduced levels of cholesterol and heart disease risk

:Improved aging through the various antioxidants that green tea contains

:Less wrinkles

:Lower risk of gum disease and tooth decay

:Lowered blood pressure

:Slower progressing of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson diseases.

:Improved liver health

:Relaxed asthma

:Faster relief of allergies

So don’t stress. Consume some green tea every day, add it into your diet and improve your health.


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