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Fitness babe Brittany Beede, otherwise known as Jaime Keyes from WWE NXT opens up about her diet and training.


Q: For starters, we were introduced to you on WWE NXT as this hardbody diva
Jamie Keyes. How did you get into working out and competing and how did you
get the opportunity to get on NXT and where did Jamie Keyes come from?

A:Working out was always a passion of mine.  I was extremely active growing
up and was fortunate to be given the opportunity to participate in a vast
amount of extracurricular activities and sports.  I always strive to better
myself in all aspects of life and I look at fitness no different. I enjoy
the challenge of pushing myself to be faster, stronger and healthier with
every passing day.  I do what I do because it puts a smile on my face and I
am blessed to be able to share my love with others.

I was exposed to wrestling as a child because my Dad was a fan.  We went to
local shows and it always seemed to be on t.v!:) While in nursing school I
decided to take a chance and signed up for wrestling school under the
instruction of Norman Smiley and Steve Keirn.  A year later I signed a
contract with World Wrestling Entertainment and less than three months later
I was given the unique opportunity to stand in front of a live audience of
thousands of people at the St. Pete Times forum, under the ring name Jamie
Keyes as the ring announcer for season 2 NXT.  My shot at wrestling came the
following season when WWE decided to make the show an all divas competition.
Overall, my entire experience with the company was unforgettable and
something I am very grateful for.

Thank you also for the compliment on the outfit.  I actually designed it
myself…another passion I have!:)

Q:You always seem to stay lean. What does a typical diet look like for you
versus a diet when you really need to get lean for a photo shoot or

A:I try, for the most part, to stay consistent with my diet year round.  At
this point I think of food as fuel and try to eat as healthy as possible to
make my training as efficient as it can be.  It’s become a lifestyle for me
to eat whole foods and stay away from items that I know will not support my
fitness goals and coincide with the aesthetic expectations that I’ve set for

I don’t necessarily have a daily “typical” diet but I DO typically eat small
meals, 6-7 times a day.  I tend to eat more carbohydrates in the morning and
fats later in the day with majority of the calories coming from protein.
For special events, such as a photoshoot, I will slightly decrease my
carbohydrates and consume more foods such as asparagus for its natural
diuretic properties a few days prior.

Q: How much cardio do you typically do and what does a routine look like for

A:My workouts constantly vary but I’ll admit I can’t get enough endorphins!
The more stairmill, jumprope, running and burpees in my workout, the happier
I seem to be!:) I am fortunate to have the genetics to easily build muscle
so I don’t have to do more than a few days a week of lifting to maintain.

Q:What does a typical weeks worth of workout look like for you?

A:Lately, I’ve begun training for an ultra marathon (50 miles) so my routine
has consisted mostly of running, sprinting and Olympic lifting.  I will have
a few days of lifting and sprints and a few days of just running, sometimes
twice a day.  Then I sprinkle in a little bikram yoga here and there. No two weeks
are the same so it is hard to come up with a “typical” week.

Q:What glute training tricks can you share with us?

A:Personally, I like to stick with basic exercises for my booty.  Squats,
deadlifts and lunges are consistently a part of my leg day, but I think the
key is to maintain good form and full range of motion.  Also, I always try
to concentrate on any body part I’m working.  When it comes to the booty, if
you don’t squeeze it no one else will!:)

Q:We recently discussed on twitter about talking to or flirting with women
in the gym. I can see it happening to you and I can see guys staying away
from you. You look like the definition of a female superhero which guys love
to look at but are intimdated to hit on. Ever happen to you in the gym? It’s
unforunate that you just can’t train without guys staring at you, which I
imagine is hard not to do.

A:I’ve been hit on at the gym but I’m not in there for the social aspect of
it. I’m there to work, to sweat and to make myself better.  I usually choose
the most off time for my training, wear a bandana, my iPod, no make-up and
get “in the zone”.  I don’t want to be average and to get to “superhero”
status you can’t spend your time talking during the precious hours available
to train!  If you want results, go to the gym to work.  Not flirt.

Q: We know what some male readers might find physically appealing on you but
what bodypart/area do you love on you?

A:A few years back I would have never said this but I’ve developed a deep
appreciation for my legs.  I never thought that I was capable of the
distances and weight that these two amazing limbs have allowed me to
trespass on.  Every day it amazes me that I am blessed and capable to be
able to do what I do!

Q:With social media being as big as it is, how would someone get your
attention and potentially strike up a social media friendship with you?

A:I’m constantly on twitter and Facebook!  Send me a message or write on my
wall….Don’t worry, I’m friendly most of the time….unless you try to hit
on me during my deadlifts!:)

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