How much better is grass fed meat? (Advantages of grass fed meat)

That’s the question that everyone seems to ask. How much better is grass fed meat for you than regular meat? How much healthier is grass fed meat? Are there advantages to grass fed meat.

Before we get into that, we need to discuss why one would look to purchase grass fed meat over regular, old grocery store meat.

For starters, animals were originally fed grass and life was lovely. We didn’t have diseases like diabetes and obesity and cancer that are so prevalent in society today. That happened when we made the switch to grain (CORN, since the CORN industry makes bank!).

Grain is so hard on a animals system that  they have to feed high amount of antibotics just to keep them safe.  As a result, their pH becomes acidic. This leads to increased amount of bacteria in our food.

And that’s just a short summary of the problem caused by feeding animals grain without bringing up all the bloating and GI issues caused by corn allergies.

What are some more advantages of grass fed meat?

Let’s compare a grass fed steak with a grain fed steak.

The grain fed steak has nearly DOUBLE the amount of fat as the grass fed steak. That’s why beef isn’t healthy for us. You can buy all the 95% lean ground beef that you want, it’s still not healthy.

Grass fed meat is lower in total fat and saturated fat but it also provides more omega-3 fats per serving. Grain fed meat contains only about 15-50% of the omega-3’s that grass fed meat does.

CLA, a healthy fat , that  in human trials, has shown some promising potential benefits for reducing cancer tumors. In animal studies, it is shown to be very effective for lowering body fat but we have yet to see that in humans. CLA is found in high amounts (varies by the type of meat) in grass fed meat.

Lastly, another advantage of grass fed meat, is that it typically contains 1/3 less calories than it’s grain fed comparison.

Listen, at the end of the day we know that the statement “you are what you eat” is 100% true. So what are you eating?

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  1. Melissa
    9 years ago

    Great article Jimmy and SO true! Not only is grass fed meat SO much better for you but honestly it tastes GREAT! Plus, I love knowing that I’m eating something that is actually doing me good vs. harm!

  2. Jacqueline
    9 years ago

    I haven’t yet found a store in south-africa that sells grass-fed meat, therefore, we don’t eat as much meat. If you do know of a place in SA, please let us know 🙂

  3. Mary
    9 years ago

    I prefer the taste of grass fed beef. The meat is delicious and good for you.

  4. Lauren
    8 years ago

    You make some excellent points! Its unfortunate that most people are just uninformed about where their meat comes from and thus are unaware of the potential harmful consequences of their choices. Grass fed beef is not only more healthy but it is more environmentally friendly as it uses less fossil fuel and environmental pollutants than grain fed beef. For all these reasons and the fact that its delicious I eat grass fed beef.

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