How much creatine do you need?


In the never ending quest to find nutritional supplements to give us the edge and increase our muscle mass and reduce our body fat, we’re often led astray by major supplement companies. Old supplements are brought out as “new” every few years and there’s a lot of mass confusion. The funny thing about this quest is that the answer has already been discovered.

There’s nothing more powerful for your health and physique then creatine monohydrate.  Yet I’m still being asked questions like “how much creatine should I take a day” or “how much creatine do I need”?

How Much Creatine Is Too Much?

Before we begin to discuss how much creatine that you need to take a day, we need to look at the safety issues surrounding it. Certain individuals will discuss the renal stress on your kidneys since they take the majority of the stress caused by creatine metabolites. No need to worry however. Two recent studies on healthy individuals have shown no ill effectson both the kidney and the liver after taking 2-10 grams of creatine per day for 5-10 years. (1,2)

How Much Creatine Do I Need?

Should you load creatine? Not really.  While a loading phase of 20 grams for 5 days has sped up the creatine saturation process, it doesn’t do much to increase the actual amount of creatine in your muscles. So you don’t really need to load creatine. Most of the the benefits of creatine are seen around 3-5 grams per day.

How to take creatine

Here’s some pointers

-Creatine can be taken with a warm drink like green tea.

-You can take creatine before or after your workout in your shakes.

-Take a break from creatine for 12 weeks after 12 weeks of usage.

Now you know how much creatine you need.

My attempt was the solve the riddle created by sport supplement companies which want you to consume large amounts so you spend more money. So next time someone asks “how much creatine do I need” give them the calculations that I gave above. You’ll save them some money

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