How To Become A Fitness Model-Jimmy Smith Training Podcast With Clark Bartram

In this weeks edition of the Jimmy Smith Training Podcast our special guest is Mr.Clark Bartram. Clark defined the term “fitness model” and has appeared on more than 100 magazine covers. In this interview we cover….


-How to become a fitness model.

-The best way of getting  a publishers attention.

-How to stay in shape year round while making muscular gains

-The best way for fitness models to eat for maximum definition

As well as my segment on how to prepare your meals so that you’re never going hungry and end of missing meals.

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How To Become A Fitness Model With Clark Bartram

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  1. Matt
    9 years ago

    Nice interview. Clark has a great radio/podcast voice

  2. Jolie Colley
    8 years ago

    Wow awesome article, never read anything quite like it. Love your strategies and methods, thanks again

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