How To Lose Back Fat(Back Fat Plan Included)

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Eyes closed, relaxing and just about to fall asleep on the beach. The wind was blowing and the sun was out then my world got rocked (like Michael Jackson’s last single). “Eww that’s gross” was what popped my eyes open. Now this wasn’t said with any regular tone, as a matter of fact it was a screeching sound. I sat up and looked to my left , where about 5 feet away, two women in their 20’s were almost trembling in fear as this dude, early 30’s, was walking by. At first I thought they might of been stuck up then I realized what the deal was….

Dude had some gross back fat…


Now I know you might be thinking that not everyone can or wants to be all ripped up and shredded and I feel you on that. Just because I like it, doesn’t mean you do and I respect that.  One universal truth that I’ve found, regardless of if you  want a flat stomach or to be shredded, is that no one wants back fat and everyone want to know how to lose back fat.

So what’s the 411 on back fat? What is it and why is it there and what can we do about losing back fat?

Back fat is simply just adipose tissue, like the rest of your external fat. So stop stressing and thinking that it’s something foreign and different and thus difficult to deal with a la Alf.


Why do you have back fat? Well to say it in the nicest way possible, it’s the same reason why you have some  fat that you’re not down with or why you’re abs aren’t looking the way you want them to. Simple because you’ve spent a specific amount of time just storing nutrients (carbs and fats) without the need for your body to burn those calories as energy. You overate for too long.

So now you need to discover how to lose back fat as easy as possible ( this is one of the best articles on the site for how to lose fat). Well, you first have to check your training. If you’re not into back training, then you need to get familiar with it right now.

I’m not saying that back training is going to immediately turn fat into muscle, because it won’t. What it will do is help burn your back fat because unlike lower back fat, upper back fat can be burnt off quickly because the body doesn’t want to store it there. It’s not as stubborn as lower back fat. So start working on upper back movements like rows, chins and deadlift right away.

Great, but what about lower back fat, fitness expert?

Well I’m not going to get into the specifics of the diet, that’s in the article that I mentioned earlier and you can also check out this article on a six pack diet.


Here’s some quick tips

1) Do your cardio. This isn’t the time to debate which kind of cardio is better, you need to do it after your weight training to burn your maximum amount of calories. If you can’t stand to do it every day then just start cardio cycling but do cardio now (here’s a video on interval training that will help you). The best cardio is the cardio that you do.

2) Take your fish oil, at least 9 grams per day. Fish oil is the king of supplements, especially when it comes to losing back fat due to its ability to keep blood sugar stable and low.

3) Worry less since the more your worry the more you overeat and the more you add fat. Try some of these herbs to lower cortisol. I know you might think that it’s not a “real” or “hardcore” answer but it’s the truth. People that worry overeat and gain more fat.

4) Take your B vitamins. Smoking, drinking, stress and a poor diet (or being around smoking and drinking and stress) are the four biggest factors that contribute to B vitamin depletion in our body. Not only are B’s needed for proper hormone function but they greatly enhance your fat and carbohydrate metabolism, amongest other things.

5) Dump coffee for tea like Kelly dumped Zach (but don’t go after Jeff, he was tool).


6) Deadlifts, stiff leg deadlifts and sumo deadlifts for 8-10 reps will work wonder for working your low back(here’s how to deadlift).

7) Stay away from the superman exercise. Most people make the mistake of thinking it will help their low back from both a physique and health point of view but it won’t. Leading low back researchers Dr.Stuart McGill has estimated that this exercise places 4000 pounds of pressure on the low back. It’s terrible in the same way that every Superman movie has been terrible since Christopher Reeves.

super_man_exerciseNot Cool

christopher_reevesVery Cool

8) Keep your sugar low with low carb foods and healthy supplements like alpha lipoic acid and chromium.

9) Train your abs hard (you can follow this six pack abs workout) but understand that training them all the time won’t do the trick alone.

So there it is. Hopefully next time that I go to the beach and want to relax, I won’t get awoken with fear ( I had the jaws theme running in my head) because someone caused a shock and awe moment. On a more serious note, I know everyone from guys in bathing suits to women who want to button their bra (hey now!) want to get rid of back fat now, follow this guide and you’ll lose back fat fast.


I’d really love to know your thoughts so if you’ve enjoyed the article, would you please leave a comment.

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  1. Dave
    9 years ago

    Nice write up. Any article that references “Saved By The Bell” is completely legit in my book.

    Your suggestions sound vaguely familiar. Ha ha.

  2. admin
    9 years ago

    Saved By The Bell still rocks

  3. Aaron
    9 years ago

    Thanks for the article. I always had trouble with back fat

  4. Jamie
    9 years ago

    Great article Jimmy! I get asked what\’s the best way to get rid of back fat all time. Like you said, people seem to get all freaked out they have back fat (guys and gals). They forget about their back because they\’re so obsessed with their mirror muscles.

    Thanks for bringing up how important back training and getting your cardio in is.

  5. Valerie
    9 years ago

    what are you doing hanging out in my bathroom this morning. I was putting on my tank top and noticed two small rolls on my back and the tightening of the bra area. Now granted I just lost 45lb in the last 8 months and 10 left. Now you just told me I know where part of the 10 are left to go….
    thanks for the tips and conviction!

  6. admin
    9 years ago

    Congratulations on your achievements so far! That’s awesome. Just keep working and follow the tips and you’ll lose that last 10!

  7. admin
    9 years ago

    Dude, seriously. It’s an area just like the abs that need to be focused on as opposed to people thinking “I am just burn it off”. Keep spreading the word!

  8. mese
    9 years ago

    i really hope this works. i have to have the back fat disappear in a week soo im seriouly praying it will help. and cutee article.

  9. Vinchenz
    9 years ago

    Fat is Fat, No way to spot reduce any body part to part with it faster then the other. Low Carb and Higher Intensity Workouts burn fat all over the body. Your decides where to put it, and where to take it off from as a whole.

  10. Vinchenz
    9 years ago

    *** Correction: Your Body Decides where to put it on, and where to take it off from.

  11. Patrick Kallie
    8 years ago

    The best way to get rid of back fat is to overall weight training with cardio. You can do exercises to help the back area, but cardio is the key to getting rid of the back fat.

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