How To Make It Look Like You Have A Six Pack

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Who else wants to know how to make it look like you have a six pack without actually having one? While most people will tell you to do endless crunches and focus on a low carb diet, the gurus won’t let you know a few secrets that can have you having a set of six pack abs tomorrow.

How to make it look like you have a six pack option one

Take the easy way out and get abdominal etching surgery. Ab etching isn’t really new and have been around for awhile. Basically what happens is that the surgeon goes out and removes the fat sitting on top of your abs (you can’t be too heavy or too lean). Who wants to do a few hours worth of crunches anyway right? Instead just drop about $3000 and be prepared for all the nerves that lead up to surgery and the potential side effects that include infection, swelling and bleeding.


Your abs will be rock hard but how about the rest of you? I mean it looks kind of odd that you’ll have this shredded six pack but you never got rid of your man boobs and you haven’t added any size on your arms but you have your six pack.

How to make it look like you have a six pack option two

I was in Target the other day and noticed that there’s quite a few ab toning belts around these days. Anyone that’s into marketing knows that if one type of product is successful then more will come. Looks like these ab belts are here to stay.  This is the quick fix, just strap the belt on for about 15 minutes per day and the vibration caused by it will pull fat out of the fat cells and help you get a ripped set of six pack abs. That is, of course, if you don’t mind the upset stomach and rashes that it will leave.


How to make it look like you have a six pack option three


Lastly, you can eat whatever you want for the entire year. That’s right, the “eat what you want diet” will work like a charm and you’ll be able to enjoy whatever foods you want. Here’s the trick though, you must be able to fit into your costume for the entire second half of the month of October. I mean any costume will do but go with a superhero costume that will help you look amazingly shredded to the bone. If it could work for George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell then why not you?

I think the fitness industry as a whole is way too up-tight about most things. You’d agree with me if you were on the “inside”. The fact is, you get a few party crashers that think trainers should wear a shirt and tie all day every day and that one needs to spend exactly 247.9 years in school. Have you fallen asleep yet because I have.

So in jest, I’ve decide to write this article about how to make it look like you have a six pack without actually having one. After all, 99.9% of the population would give almost anything to have a tight and defined mid-section but can’t seem to either diet long or smart enough or train long or hard enough to attain that rock hard stomach. So there’s a few options.

If you want a six pack do yourself a favor and stop looking into the mirror and asking yourself why you don’t have your dream stomach. Better yet put down the magazines and start looking into how to set up a six pack ab workout and six pack diet. Then you’ll start seeing results.

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  1. pnw fitness
    9 years ago

    Funny stuff 🙂

    Come on… little rash never hurt anyone!

  2. Chris
    9 years ago

    Awesome article! This really shows the population that it comes down to 2 things, diet and exercise.. There is no other ‘cure’, except for that magic suit, but who needs that anyway?

    I am pretty new to this blog, and this was the first post I saw.. Great social bookmarking keywords!

    – Chris (IM’er and Six Pack Enthusiast)

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