How To Make Weight By Shedding Pre Fight Pounds

The topic of making¬† or cutting weight before a mma fight or wrestling match is a important topic. I recently wrote an article about mma nutrition,which got a lot of positive feedback in the mma community. What I didn’t do was touch on how to shed pre fight weight without compromising strength and energy.

I want to cover proper techniques and methods for losing weight without stripping yourself of all your energy and your strength in the process. I’ll break this up into a multi-part article in order to focus on each area. This can drastically change how you look on the day of the fight from how you look during the weigh-in.

Before I begin, remember that making weight has everything to do with your year round diet. You can’t ballon up in-between fights and expect to suck back down quickly. You want to stay within a ten pound range of your fight weight. That’s the easiest way to make your fight weight, don’t get fat!

First we’re going to talk about fluid restriction

It’s the simplest and most effective way to starting your pre fight weight loss process. Every action in your body requires fluid but when you remove the fluid, you lose water weight and that easily accounts for about 5-8 pounds of body weight.

Sadly, most fighters go to extreme and restrict water for days. This is completely backwards thinking as eliminating water causes the body to release various hormones that force your body to actually retain water! Not what you want as this stage.

This effortless process works time and time again. 3-4 days before a weigh in I advise individuals to consume upwards of 2 gallons of water a day. You also should raise your sodium at this point as well.

1-2 days before a weigh in I’ll advise you to bring your water down to a gallon. At this point, you should notice that you’re going to the bathroom often. Sodium is still high but not as high as it was the past 48 hours.

24 hours before a weigh-in is where the magic happens. Now this varies from individual to individual but I usually advise people to cut water to a “i need it” basis. That means, if you aren’t going to pass out, you’re only sipping water.

Supplements to cut weight

Some of the best supplements to cut weight work by forcing water weight out of your body in a rapid method.  Some of the better supplements are

  • Dandelion root
  • Asparagus
  • Vitamin B 6

Cutting weight is a science that needs to be monitored over a 24-48 hours period because your body will lose water fast.


This easy to follow process accounts for at least 5 pounds and helps you to make weight pre fight a whole lot easier.

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