How To Restart Your Metabolism

Sometimes I get shocked by the people I work with. I’m not talking about the 9-5 executive that needs to lose some weight, I mean the inividual that just looks amazing. They could be a figure model, bodybuilder, athlete or just “that” guy or girl in the gym that just looks great. You think they have it all. Sadly, they are usually the ones that cause the biggest headaches since they are depesartly trying to do everything they can to build muscle but stay lean.  I mean I don’t blame them, money is on the line here. They end up just screwing up their metabolism over time and when it becomes “go” time and they need to tighten up their abs, they can’t.

They’ve crushed their metabolism and no amount of cardio or dieting will do. Most people are famailiar with this, after all we see commerical after commerical for diet pill after diet pill telling us it’s going to boast our metabolism. Even the guy with the chubby gut in the corner of your gym doing curls has a bad metabolism. It’s not only the lean people.


So how do you reset your metabolism?

The most important thing that you should realize is that the last thing you want to do is go overboard and start using this time period as a excuse to eat whatever you want. A immediate increase can be very helpful and will actually help you add some lean muscle mass in a short period of time. This is the same thing that happens to bodybuilders and figure athletes post show. They has the metabolism of a hummingbird now and they can just consume whatever they want and look completelty different in a few weeks. Here’s the deal.

If you didn’t have any type of good diet before then I suggest you look elsewhere on the site and establish a proper diet. If you were dieting to lose those last five pounds then stay on that diet. Drop your protein and raise your carbohyrates by about 40-80 grams a day. Small but small increases lead to big growth. If you’ve been dieting for whatever occasion for so long then your body is ready to add lean muscle but your metabolism is dead.


Ingesting a ton of calories from the get-go isn’t going to do anything positive. Small increases with minimal amounts of carbohyrates will cause your metabolism to adjust on levels. After a few days of eating 80 grams more of carbohydrates your metabolism will feel normal, then you bumped it up another 80 grams and you add more lean mass and you reset your metabolism to that level. Repeat and watch the results for 4-6 weeks.

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