How To Use Humor To Pickup Women

Once you discover the connection between humor and women, you’ll have no trouble picking up women and getting a ton of dates.

Women feel attraction to some men while not feeling it towards other men. Could it be the six pack abs?

If you want to use humor to pickup women, attraction is an emotional response, one that is jumpstarted by humor.

If you want to attract women, you must use humor.

1. Take an arrogant comment

2. Twist it to add humor

3. Take a jab or two, in a playful way, to the female that you are trying to pick up.

Let’s say that a women is wearing some high heels. I arrogant and funny comment would be

“What, are you like four feet tall without those heels on?”

You’re saying a funny comment while also being cocky.

Plus, the joke may be over her head.

So you’ve accomplished a few things here.

1. You proved that you were confident enough to make fun of her.

2.You showed that you’re comfortable around her.

3. You showed some smarts and wits.

4. You proved that you have a funny side.

That’s how you use humor to pickup women.

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