How We Get Fat

You know, sometimes when I’m searching online I come across the craziest things. I mean some of the stuff is just nuts so I think we need to step back from asking how we burn fat to learning how we store fat. Once we know that then we can better design our diets and understand why we may not be losing fat.


So we eat fat then what happens? It takes fat about three hours to get into our bloodstream once we eat it. It has to be broken down and absorbed then it starts floating around. Here’s something that most people don’t realize. Regardless of how healthy the fat is, some fat will be stored as bodyfat.  A portion of that fat will go towards increasing energy and burning bodyfat but realize that some fat will always get stored as bodyfat.

Men Versus Women

Men and women store fat slightly differently and that slight difference is important when we’re dieting. Have you ever noticed that, when in shape but not contest shape, men tend to have more stomach fat than women? Think about the traditional bodyshape of men versus women. Men has guts and women store fat around their hips. Men have more heart attacks than women.


Research has shown that men respond to ingested fat in the following pattern.

Used for energy- then absorbed in muscle tissue-then left to float around the bloodstream.

That’s good news to men, we can burn off fat pretty quickly since its primary role, in men, is to be used as energy instead of being placed as bodyfat.

Now women are different (I always said they were from Mars).

Women store more dietary fat as bodyfat which means it’s harder to breakdown and burn. Studies have shown that when women eat, their bodies increase bloodflow to their lower body which encourages fat storage to the glutes and hamstrings.

Now I understand that this is a very quick overview of how we store bodyfat and there’s a lot more science out there but does it really matter? All that matters is that you burn the fat and to do that check out this article about how to burn body fat.

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  1. Tyson
    9 years ago

    Just found your site today. I like it! This article on how we store body fat, although brief, is very interesting. I definitely need to find out more.

  2. admin
    9 years ago

    Just keep reading buddy. We’ll explain more in future articles.

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