Insulin Sensitivity And Saturated Fat

In the nutrition community there’s some healthy debate between saturated fat and decreased insulin sensitivity. Since we all want to lose fat , especially lower ab fat, insulin sensitivity is important.

A new study looked at 29 obese men with low HDL, high blood pressure, and high fat and blood sugar levels in the body. You need to keep insulin levels low.

They broke the group up and fed them one of four different diets over 12 weeks.

Here were the 4 diets.

  1. A diet containing 38% fat: 16% saturated (SFA), 12% monounsaturated (MUFA) and 6% polyunsaturated (PUFA)
  2. A diet containing 38% fat: 8% SFA, 20% MUFA and 6% PUFA
  3. A diet high in unrefined carbohydrate, containing 28% fat (8% SFA, 11% MUFA and 6% PUFA)
  4. A diet high in unrefined carbohydrate, containing 28% fat (8% SFA, 11% MUFA and 6% PUFA) and an omega-3 supplement (1.24 g/day EPA and DHA)

After 12 weeks, there was nothing changed.

Not what you expected right?

That’s the point. All these knucleheads out there that scream about how saturated fat makes you fat have no ammo now. Sure, even you consume too much fat you will get fat but we’re talking in terms of how fat effects insulin.

Another thing that this study shows is that 4 different diets didn’t work. That’s another check mark for the thought that the body can adapt to a single type of diet. You must keep various food sources in your diet.

Another interesting fight is about coffee and insulin sensitivity.

Here’s the reference

Effects of dietary fat modification on skeletal muscle fatty acid handling in the metabolic syndrome.

Saris et al…

Department of Human Biology, NUTRIM School for Nutrition, Toxicology and Metabolism, Maastricht University Medical Centre, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

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