Krill oil reduces pain and inflammation in arthritis in a short time

krill oil reduces pain

A promising study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition sheds some light on the anti-inflammatory aspect of Krill oil.

CRP is a protein in the blood that rises with inflammation. Ninety patients with elevated CRP were included in this study. The patients suffered with either osteoarthritis and/or rheumatoid arthritis and some additionally were diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. They were split into a group supplemented with Krill oil or an un-supplemented group.

Krill reduced CRP by 19.3% compared to an increase of 15.7% in the placebo group within a week. After 14 days CRP was reduced by 30% while the CRP in the placebo grouped climbed additionally.

With arthritis Krill oil reduced pain by 28.9% on the WOMAC score within a week, reduced stiffness by 20.3%, and reduced functional impairment by 22.8%

Here’s the krill oil I recommend

Jimmy’s take: Krill oil is an exciting supplement for a wide variety of reasons but I often question why would would use it over high dose omega-3 fish oil. Studies like this are very helpful as it singles out krill oil specifically. The lowered WOMAC score shows hope for people with functionally limited joints and when combined with a proper functionally sound rehab program, those individuals can get back to their normal function faster. I’m a big fan of systemic enzymes for arthritis so I think a combination of krill oil and systemic enzymes can really help.

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