Michael Jordan To Appear On Cover Of NBA 2k11

He’s back…..

Michael Jordan will have the honor of being the first retired professional player ever to appear on the cover of his sports video games. CNBC confirmed the 2k Sports rumor yesterday.

While 2KSports’s wouldn’t say the capacity in which Michael Jordan would appear, they did say that “there would be a lot of surprises”. From personal experience, being that Michael’s contracts didn’t allow him in every NBA video games during his playing time, I’m excited.

Will I buy 2k Sports NBA 2k 2011? I don’t know. I bought 2k10 and didn’t play it much, maybe it was because I was super busy or maybe it was because basketball games, historically, aren’t very fluid in their gameplay. Either way 2k Sports does something cool, they have updated content as you progress during a game and during a season.

Something I’d LOVE to see other games including Madden 2011 have (no word yet that they included it this year, I doubt it). Will you buy 2k Sports NBA 2k 2011 with Michael Jordan on the cover?

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