Model Ab Secrets

In this crazy, social media driven world, everyone is exposed. You have access almost any fitness model or professional that you read about or see in the magazine.

As a result, there’s more information online then there ever has been before. That’s usually a bad thing.

I know.. I know.

You’re thinking that more information is better but it hardly is. I’ve often come across various pieces of advice that just make me sit up and say “what!”. The worst offender is model ab tricks or model ab secrets, if you want to call them that.

Listen, don’t be fooled.

There are no model ab secrets.

To crave a set of six pack abs, you must learn to adhere to a basic, simple principles

Proper dietary modifications and guidelines.

I’ve detailed them in-depth in my macronutrient math made easy product but here’s a quick and simple look at what it takes to get real lean, real fast.

Are the carbs that you’re eating being properly burned during the day?

That is,have you earned your carbohydrates for the day? Is your activity level high enough?

Are you eating fat because you think you have to? Seriously, while healthy fat is healthy fat. Too much can become too much very quickly.

I prefer my clients to stay around 30-45 grams of healthy fat and when you measure that, you realize it’s not a lot.

Model Ab Secrets They Don’t Tell You

Genetics play a BIG role in how lean you’ll get. Look at it this way. You weight X pounds today. 2 months from now you weigh X-20 pounds, you’ve gotten leaner. You’re still 20 pounds leaner but you still don’t have abs popping out everywhere.

You go off of your diet for a few weeks, gain 5 pounds then lose 10 more. You’re even leaner and you have slightly more definition. That’s the only real way to try to beat your genetics, with consistent time and effort. It won’t in 16 weeks, that’s genetics. Genetics make it easier for you to get leaner and be more comfortable at that level.

Model Ab Secrets That They Won’t Tell You Part Duo

It’s all in the lighting, camera, photographer, tan and photoshop. Seriously. I’ve been there, I’ve been on the set of fitness magazine shoots. I see what goes into taking a picture from the shot to making it an ideal image on the cover of the magazine. Nothing against the magazines, I’m just telling you. Don’t compare yourself to how someone else looks, never.

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