Monica Brant Leaves The IFBB To Compete in the WBFF

There’s strong rumors going around today that female physique icon Monica Brant has left the IFBB after 16 years to join the WBFF.

Announced at the WBFF Alberta Championship, Monica was on stage with the head of the WBFF, former IFBB pro Paul Dillet. In a statement to the website bodysport, Monica explained her move.

“I love competing and I love interacting with the fans, and the WBFF is offering me every opportunity possible to do that as well as work with the competitors so they can benefit from my experience on and off stage.  Rather than try to push me off to pasture, Paul Dillett sees the value in having someone with my experience being actively involved with the WBFF and its athletes.  He respects his athletes and truly cares about their success on and off the stage and you can see that in all that he does.  Paul works directly with many of the industries magazines to ensure WBFF models and athletes are being published and he also works with his sponsors to create opportunities for athletes there as well.  You can also see it at their contests.  The Venue’s are all top quality and the attention to detail with the stage production is remarkable.  The stage presentation at their shows are very professionally done and the athletes are treated with tremendous consideration and respect at all times.  I am just happy to have found a home that affords me a chance to give back and continue to do so for years to come.”

Not only did I interview Monica Brant but I was able to spend some time talking to her in a non-expo based capacity privately and I consider her one of the good people in a sport filled with shady folks.

I’ll shoot her a email and see what she has to say but I wish Monica the very best. She’s a very smart businesswomen and I have to believe that she did it for various reasons to make her happy. Good luck MO!

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