Muscle Building Nutrition-How To Gain Weight Easy

Another reader question here. This time about muscle building nutrition and what’s optimal.

The question was about how to gain a significant, I mean like 5 lean pounds or so, during a few month period while staying pretty lean. Here’s my response.

I promise you that if you get your diet right for you needs, like really customized for YOUR needs, then I PROMISE you’ll develop into a bigger and leaner individuals. You have to get your die tin check or else.

If you’re 200 pounds but eat like a 180 pound guy then you aren’t going to be 210 or even 205 in a few month time frame.

The problem is that most people are doing the above. You have to eat like someone that weighs 210 but don’t get fat. Don’t analyze your training and think that you need to add a few more sets to your bench and squats, that’s bogus. If you’re looking to gain weight then your first decision should not be to consume excessive calories

How Do I Gain Weight?

Let’s bang out a little how to gain weight frequently asked questions shall we?

Q: I’ve often been told that to gain muscle I need to gain weight, is this true?

A: It’s true to a certain extent. If you look at muscle weighing more, thus the need to gain weight then you’re mistaken however. There’s this common theory that you need to gain a lot of weight to gain some muscle. That’s wrong. Most people don’t realize how much bigger they’d look after they gained 2 pound of lean muscle yet kept their bodyweight down.

Most people overestimate the weight that they have to be at to attain the look they want.Muscle growth is also spot specific, if you want muscular shoulders then train your shoulders more. If you want to know how to get big arms then train your arms with more volume and intensity.So while you do have to gain weight to build muscle, you’d look more muscular by fighting to keep your body fat low and your muscle gain high. Make sense?

Q:How do I gain weight the easy way?

A: Well the easy way to gain weight is to just eat a ton of food but that’s not the healthiest. The easiest way to gain weight is through slow and steady nutrition.

Q: How do I gain weight in my arms?

A: You can get bigger arms through a specialization effort on your arms. Everyone that trys to get big arms doesn’t focus on them multiple times per week, that’s the key.

Q: How do I gain weight but not fat?

A: Unfortunately it just isn’t that easy. If you gain weight quickly then your body will have to create new fat cells.

Q: How do I gain weight if I’m skinny?

A: I hate the advice that skinny guys need to just eat whatever they see to gain weight. That’s not responsible. The eaisest way to increase your body weight is through patience.

Q:How do I gain weight if I’ve struggled in the past?

A: More then likely you’ve had issues in the past because you didn’t give your weight gaining efforts enough time to develop. How much protein did you eat? How much did you workout? All of that matters.

Q:How do I gain weight with raising my blood pressure?

A: Great question. Most people never realize that if you force feed yourself to gain weight you’ll also increase your blood pressure. Take your time with your weight gain and supplement with alpha lipoid acid and omega 3 fish oil.

Q: How do I gain weight slowly?

A: Your best way to gain weight slowly is by aiming to increase your bodyweight by one to two pounds per month. That way you know you’re building muscle and not just gaining fat.

Q: Is there a way to prevent getting fat when I gain weight?

A: Yes there is. They are called glucose disposal agents and they help to lower blood sugar post meal. This essentially means that you reduce the amount of sugar, from eating carbohydrates, that can potentially be stored as fat and you increase the likelihood that those nutrients will be stored in your muscle cell. You gain weight the right way in that sense and you don’t get fat.

Q:How do I gain weight if I’ve yo-yo dieted over the past few years?

A: Yo-yo dieting and the constant calorie gain and loss does play with your hormones and it will make it harder to gain muscle. It is entirely possible for you to gain weight though but you have to establish proper eating patterns. When I say that I mean you have to follow good nutrition practices. Are you eating lean protein with every meal? Are you keeping your starchy carbohydrates only around your workout time? Yo-yo dieting isn’t bad unless you do it to extreme measures.

Q:How do professional athletes can weight so quickly but swear they are natural?

A: Gaining weight is different then gaining muscle. Muscle mass is acquire through years of hard training whereas anyone can gain 20-30 pounds of weight in a few months but that’s not healthly. Are pro athletes natural? I don’t know but I have seen some impressive weight and muscle gains over the course of a few months with focused training and nutrition.

Q: Can I gain weight on the paleo diet?

A: The paleo diet, by its own admission, isn’t a good diet for you to use if your goal is to gain weight. It advises you to eat a lot of lean meats, fruits, vegetables and fats but the carbohydrates are severely limited. It’s very hard to get on a 3,000 or 4,000 calorie diet without using starches.

Q: What is your favorite post workout shake to gain weight

A: Post workout nutrition is a complex subject depending on your goal but a great post workout shake that i always advise is 1 banana, 30 grams of whey protein isolate, 1 cup of grass fed organic milk and 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter. Drink this after every workout.

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