My Day At The Gym-The Scientist

Granted, I don’t really use this “blog” as a “blog” but more as a “site”. The difference matters. When you “blog” you just write whatever comes to your head. When you write a article for a site, it’s a calculated piece. So I’m going to start blogging about my day at the gym. I might not do it every day but I’ll try to keep it entertaining.

Meet the Gym Scientist….

You know him, he’s in every gym every day. Mr. know it all.

He’ll gladly “educate” you even if you don’t ask for it.

So this guy at my gym is a hardcore endurance athlete. All the way down to the spandex and tights. Scary I know…

A few different times I’ve been doing cardio near him while he’s talking to other people. He throws out all this different diet advice because, in his words, ‘I do this for a living” .

In his defense, one time someone was actually asking for it. The topic was post workout nutrition and it was awful advice.

So today was my day. It started out innocent enough. I was changing in the locker room and had placed my ziploc container of bcaa’s that I was about to mix for my during workout drink.

He looked at it then took his huge jug of yogurt out of his bag.

“You ever eat greek yogurt?”

I knew I was in for it

“Yea” I responded

He then proceeds to tell me how he tops it in strawberries, walnuts (for the omega-3’s, he mentioned that) and prunes(for the inflammation as he decided to tell me).

Now at this stage, I’m doing whatever I can to get out of the locker room but my damn Apple Ipod earbuds were all knotted up. I hate it when that happens.

He then goes into a whole explanation of why I should eat organic and how greek yogurt is a great source of protein. He decided to educate me to fact that only 13 or so foods are sprayed with chemicals (he’s wrong) so that’s all you need to eat organic.

A few points to wrap it up…

1-He didn’t look me in the eye once. I HATE when you don’t look me in the eye when you talk to me.

2- He kept going and going. He might love nutrition and that’s great, I do too, but you can’t just openly go out and start telling me what THEY should do even if you’re 100% right.

In my younger years when I used to talk to people in the gym about what I do for a living, I’d always tell them that I trained athletes because in my mind, that validated me. Most people are so wrapped up in their own lives that they don’t care. To them, I’m no different then the weekend certified trainer in the gym.

They don’t care about all the magazines that I write for. That doesn’t make them drop their trainer or diet guru and hire me. It should but it doesn’t.

So my point is that, don’t go volunteer information to others, you’re more then likely wasting your time unless they ask for help.

Have you ever had a run-in with a gym scientist? If so, what happened? Here’s a video I made further talking about the issue. Leave a comment below and tell me a story about your encounter with the gym scientist.

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  1. David Underwood
    8 years ago

    A friend of mine and I have nicknames for some of the patrons of the gym we go to based on the particularly dress or behavioral quirks they exhibit. I know that sounds jerkish but I justify it (in my own mind at least) by noting that it is good natured and not vicious, and also I make fun of myself as much as anybody else. There is this young man who likes to talk endlessly about diet and he is quick to correct anyone who says anything about diet that he doesn’t agree with. He likes to tell gym patrons not to eat too much tuna because it contains mercury. After hearing him say this a few times, he earned the nickname “Mercury” 🙂

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