My Delicious And Healthy Lunch

Went to Whole Foods today to grab some lunch and since I’m not prepping for a photoshoot, I can be very creative with my food selection.

What you see right there is the following

1 Vanialla Chobani Greek NON-Fat Yogurt

Some low fat French Vanilla Almond granola


A fruit salad with fresh pineapples and strawberries

This is a glycogen supercompensation week which means that I can raise my carboydreates from clean foods pretty high to refill all my stored muscle glycogen that my body craves after being so ultra low carbohydrate for so long.

The yogurt gives me 16 grams of protein plus probiotics which are essential for gut health.

The granola gives me fiber and whole grains as well as “good” carbohydrates.

The water gives me water (go figure)

The fruit salad gives me good carbohydrates and multiple micronutrients that I didn’t have in my fat loss diet when I eliminated fruit.

I try to keep the fat low on this rebound week as I do not want to add extra body fat and I make sure to include protein in every meal.

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