Natural Diuretics To Get Rapidly Lean

When you hear the word “diuretics” what comes to mind? The general public usually runs and hides thinking that you’re going to do something so terrible to your body. Well, it’s not always that way. Most times, unless under extreme circumstances and when pharmaceutical diuretics are used, the use of natural diuretics doesn’t lead to any extreme conditions.

A diuretic is just to pull water out of the body to ensure that you look crisp, sharp and dry on the one important day that you’ve trained and dieted so hard for. A word of caution however, while I’m not against someone who has worked hard to get very lean and who wants to look good on beach, don’t be dumb and sue diuretics then sit in the hot sun while you drink coffee or beer.

That being said, here’s some natural diuretics that can tight up a physique rapidly.

Uva Ursi Extract


Uva Ursi has been used for centuries due to it’s powerful ability to push body fluid through the urianry tract. While it relieves water retention rapidly, it does not put any undue stress on the kidneys. It also acts as a mild astringent and has anti-microbal qualities as well.

Recommend Dosage:1250 mg 3 times per day



A very healthy herb with water manipulating affects that enhance the bodies ability to eliminate and detoxy. Dandelion actually ainds the body in removing toxins that are consumed with over consumption of meat, fried foods, medication and coffee. Dandelion also can help to balance the delicate sodium-potassium balance as well as lower blood pressure.

Recommend Dosage: 1500 mg 3 times per day



A vitamin that is involved in nearly every process of the body including fat and carbohydrate metabolism. B6 has an important role as a ballancer of the sodium/potassium relationship. B6 also helps to aid in the absorption of vitamin B12 and is also vital to glycemic control.

Recommend Dosage: 100mg 3 times per day

Just make sure to monitor your energy levels and if you should feel faint, drinkĀ  some gatorade or powerade,

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