Natural Testosterone Boosters

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In the never ending quest for physique perfection,a  natural athlete will look for any advantage that they can get in order to speed up their results. In the bodybuilding world, drugs that increase the rate of muscle growth are rampant while performance athletes utilize both performance enhancing drugs and various other sports medicine practices. Well what are some natural testosterone boosters that are cost effective and actually produce results?

The first distinction that I’d like to make is that natural testosterone boosters aren’t going to give you the same results as illegal drugs but what I’m going to suggest will help you increase your testosterone.  The basis of your efforts should come from your nutrition as no training or supplement program can make up for a bad diet. While it might come as a shock to you, I’d actually recommend that you go on a lower carbohydrate diet. There are no anabolic properties to carbohydrates and I’m still shocked about the myth that you need to eat large amounts of carbohydrates to spur muscle growth. That just isn’t true. Follow a high carb diet will actually prevent your testosterone boosting effects since large amounts of carbohydrates induce metabolic syndrome.

Here’s how to increase testosterone levels with a few natural testosterone boosters…

  • Use the sleep cycle app for your smart phone. By placing your smart phone at the foot of your bed at night you’ll get a better understanding of your body’s rhythm while you sleep. Do you toss and turn and night? Are you going in and out of a deep sleep? These are all important clues as to what’s going on with your hormones while you sleep.
  • Increase your selenium to boost testosterone through Brazil nuts or a selenium supplement. I find it hard to believe that most people aren’t deficient in selenium since it’s just not popular in our foods today. Try supplementing with Brazil nuts or a pill for a month.
  • Try to get progressively stronger in one multi joint movement. While there’s noting extra special about the deadlift or the bench press, establishing goals in those big lifts will cause you to train harder to reach that accomplishment. The endorphins that are released post workout will have a positive effect on your hormones.
  • Drink green tea post workout. Green tea is high in the supplement Theanin which has an calming effect on our central nervous system. Post workout we’re so hyped up that we’re still producing large amount of cortisol.
  • Consume BCAA’s during the day. Branch chain amino acids have been shown to favorable improve body composition and increase testosterone.
  • Supplement with zinc and magnesium at night. Zinc and magnesium are both essential nutrients that help to ensure optimal testosterone production. Sweat severely depletes both of these nutrients from our bodies and they are involved in over 350 different enzymes reactions.
  • Lower your estrogen.
  • Try some high intensity intervals instead of traditional aerobic training.
  • Do fasted cardio once or twice per week.
  • Stop carrying your cell phone in your pocket.
  • Don’t watch any action movies or play video games within 30 minutes of when you want to fall asleep.
  • Do one thing you love every day, even if it’s just for five minutes.
  • Try D-Aspartic Acid. It’s the new natural testosterone booster on the block and while I’m not nearly as convinced as some people on the popular internet forums there does seem to be good results in both scientific trials and in gym rats.
  • Improve adrenal gland health through the use of adaptagenix herbs like Maca, Ashwaganda and Ginseng. Since your adrenal glans are responsible for hormone production in the first place you might as well take care of them right?
  • Limit your sugar intake.
  • Eat only grass fed or free range meats.
  • Avoid commercial meat.
  • Try Toco 8 or any other complete vitamin E which has been shown to reduce estrogen.
  • Stop using eccentrics when you train.
  • Cut your workout volume and training time in half.
  • Cook your food in pasture raised butter
  • Use 6 grams of omega 3 fish oil per day
  • Work on mobilizing whatever joints are locked or increase the flexibility of whatever muscles feel tight. Causing your body to relax will take it a long way in recovery.
  • Day dream. Seriously, anything that puts you in a better place is good.
  • Laugh
  • Get your blood spun.

What are the best testosterone boosters that actually work?

The list of popular testosterone boosters in supplement form is pretty long and it grows every day. When you look at the popular test boosters the usua suspects come to the forth front

  • tongkat ali
  • novedex xt
  • chrysin

And the list stops there.

So which of these natural testosterone supplements actually produces the best results? Tongkat ali has been around for years and the clinical evidence behind it isn’t really as strong as I’d like to see. For starters, the majority of the research is in rats. Once you examine the available human data you see that it was given in doses sometimes as high as three time what you’ll find in the typical tongkat ali supplement. You’ll be paying a high price for something you need to take more of. I can’t really recommend it for anyone looking for naturaly ways to boost testosterone.

Novedex XT on the other hand does has some good research behind it but it was company funded so I’m not sure how much you can trust it to be an effective way to increase testosterone. I know it has gotten great reviews online but you need to ask yourself that if a natural testosterone booster worked that well why isn’t it higher priced? Not to mention the fact that testosterone levels can rise just because estrogen levels have fallen. The rumor behind novedex XT was that it was anti estrogen supplements as opposed to testosterone boosters. be care. For a more natural way to lower estrogen check out my article.

Chrysin is a long standing way to naturally increase testosterone due to anti estrogen effects. Probably the healthiest choice on this list and readily available in both pill and cream format, Chrysin has some solid research behind. It’s not a compound like the two above boosters so it can have some potential health benefits. Don’t expect to see large testosterone spikes however.

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