New York Comic Con 2011 Review

The New York Comic Con 2011 can be defined as a convention held within the city where young and old fans get to attend and enjoy all the performances as well as games. At the convention, there are returning fans and booths, a well laid out center with a fun panel of performers and a nice, average size crowd. Most attendees usually have plenty of fun and get to enjoy themselves immensely. The organizers try to get this theme to be bigger and bigger every year so it compares to others such as the San Diego Comic Con. The important aspect of this festival is that there are returning fans as well as booths.


The panel of entertainers included various comics while viewers also got to watch TV shows, cartoons, movies and anime. There were panel rooms at the convention where attendants got to view different content at each panel. This is why the aspect of booths and a returning audience is so important. However, the rooms or panels where the events are held are not large enough to hold the large numbers of people who attend these events. This just goes to show that New York Comic Con 2011 event does attract a lot of audiences basically because of the quality of shows aired. However, it would be a lot better if there was more space at the IGN room so it houses more people. As an example, the video rooms had only standing room while many people stood outside in-line, hopping to get a chance in.


One of the other few complaints that attendants had is the fact that the convention was combined with another convention; The New York Anime Festival. Many believe the Comic Con event is large enough to be held on its own without having to merge it with another festival. However, the layout of the convention was great. The floor was divided into three main sections with the different aisles numbered for easy access. Viewing the different sections was pretty easy from a distance.


Most panels were giving away free goodies. At the entrance, visitors received a bag with goodies such as gum, DC Comics, gaming cards, T-shirts and los more. Other freebies that attendees received included big bags, LEGOs and comics. Some of the panels housed groups such as Robot Chicken and Venture Brothers, Adventure Time and even Dark Shadows. Venture Brothers is a TV series that many people love and some fans were lucky enough to be at their panel. This is basically what went down at New York Comic Con 2011.


This article was written by staff photographer Melissa Wall

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