NYCC-2012-Da Vinci Demons

The new york comic con 2012 saw the first footage of the Da Vinci’s Demons series. The creator of the series, Mr David Goyes was thrilled to be showing the sneak peak only in that particular room while confirming to the audience that the preview will not be going online.
The trailer boasted of quick cuts which hinted primarily at a stylish series which was artfully shot. The slow-motions shots were stylistic to say the least and strikingly similar to Spartacus when it came to the amount of violence, sex. The gore and the love making certainly did catch everyone’s eye.
The new york comic con 2012 saw Da Vinci as a young boy making his way into a cave and as a grown up executing his foreseen plans. The lad is seen fighting with two swords at the same time. Given his special gifts, the evils in the world are ready to destroy home. Da Vinci is portrayed as someone who is a kind of a dare-devil who is willing to risk his life for the game.
Goyer has always taken a strong liking to Da Vinci and has nursed this fascination of his since his yester years. Goyer finds some strange similarities between Da Vinci and Tony Stark.
The characters are pretty interesting considering Lucrezia played by Lara Pulver. The storyline is exciting and mysterious all at the same time and one will only get to know more about the characters with each passing season. The characters have multiple layers and often don different hats.
The younger version of the great Da Vinci does manage to make his mark. It was remarked that Da Vinci was part Sherlock Holmes, part Tony Stark and a dash of Indiana Jones considering his love for adventure, action and puzzle solving. Actor Riley was present at the new york comic con 2012. He was quite content with their Da Vinci version he played and felt that they had managed to bring to life a version of their own.
The audience after posing questions to the cast members, Goyer set the record straight that they were the characters of the show would come in contact with fantasy elements.
Actor Riley was required to train with Daniel Craig’s trainer for the Bond movies for he had to learn how to sword fight with both of his hands given his character was ambidextrous.

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