NYCC-2012-Walking Dead Review

The Walking Dead – Season 3-panel at New York Comic Con 2012 panel to discuss it. The panel had creator/executive producer Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman and EP Gale Anne Hurd, his fellow, as well as Chandler Riggs (“Carl Grimes”), David Morrissey (“The Governor”) and Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon”), Andrew Lincoln (“Rick Grimes”), Norman Reedus (“Daryl Dixon”), and Danai Gurira (“Michonne”).
The discussion started with showing of a new footage of the Season 3 sequence and also personal presence of the cast. The crowd greeted them with loud cheers, with the exception of Lori, as the character got booed. A long scene opened the sequence with several minutes of no dialogue from the characters. But the crowd realized that the Season 3 characters have now become matured ones and they are ready to take down the zombies.
The panel at New York Comic Con 2012 discussed in length the evolution of Carl who we see shooting and taking down a zombie in the Season 3 opening sequence. Walker was of the opinion that he plays a dark character and there are changes in it as compared to the Season 2. Hurd pointed out to a Walking Dead t-shirt that Carl is not there as he is busy killing zombies.
Lincoln told the audience that the zombies turned out to be less menacing when compared to the actual humans. Rick’s character is also on the dark side of the character in the Season 3. He had already announced himself as the undisputed leader. Rick said that he desperately wanted to play this change in the character.  At New York Comic Con 2012, Gurira said he was thrilled to play his character of Michonne, which is a favorite with the fans. She described her experience on The Walking Dead as “An intense, brutal joy. I’m having a blast.”
The panelists did not reveal many details about return of Merle. Rooker, however, said jokingly that he was now all about love and peace. Reedus said that when Merle meets his brother Daryl, it may not be smooth sailing.  A young girl from the audience want to know if Carl will have a girlfriend, to which Riggs said that a little bit of that can be seen as Beth is only 17 and Carl 13.
Kirkman at Ney York Comic Con 2012 said that pace of Season 3 matches with Season 2 and is absolutely non-stop due to the characters hacking zombies and running around after them.

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