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paleo cookbook recipes

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Aimed at making Paleo dieting easier, the Paleo Recipe Cookbook gives you over 350 paleo friendly recipes. Here’s my thing with the paleo diet in general, it’s actually super simple to follow. Consisting of grass fed or organic beef, chicken, turkey and wild caught fish when eating paleo you’re not allowed any starches and your carbohydrate sources can only come from vegetables and fruits, roots, tubers and bulbs. Fat is unlimited and encouraged. Supplements are not heavily advised with the exception of Vitamin D and omega-3 fish oil.

Is the paleo recipe cookbook for you?

Generally speaking, most people jump onto the paleo diet because they have continual health issues, gain weight or just feel lousy and they can’t get any help. Prescription medicine doesn’t seem to work so they seek out an alternative form of treatment. Aiming to control insulin surges while providing various nutrients from quality food, the paleo diet controls inflammation and keeps it low. Since inflammation is the basis of most diseases and tumor growth, this diet makes complete sense. You’re advised to eliminate all dairy and wheat as well. Wheat contains an anti nutrient known gluten that essentially puts small holes into your colon which leads to a lack of nutrient absorption and increased inflammation.

The paleo advocates point out that since our ancestors didn’t have the problems of modern individuals including cancer, diabetes and heart disease that this way is a superior method of eating. What’s also important is that you’re encouraged to eliminate harmful vegetable oils that are both found in commercial meats and various fatty cooking oils. Oilive is healthy and vegetable oil isn’t.

Traditionally a problem with the paleo diet is that people get too bored eating the same few foods over and over again. This is where the Paleo Recipe Cookbook comes into play.

  • Over 370 Paleo friendly recipes split in 18 food groups
  • Everything is 100% Paleo approved so you don’t have to worry about getting into a pinch and eating anything with preservatives.
  • The paleo diet is traditionally devoid of flavor but the cookbook gives you great recipes on deserts and snacks
  • The cookbook comes with charts and guidelines and reference sheets to make everything super simple
  • The cookbook is 100% instant access so you can start right now

Personally, I can eat meat and nuts every day and be fine. Other people want more variety which is where the paleo recipe cookbook comes in. Not only do you get an 8 week meal plan but you also get an herb and spice guide, a desert guide and a quick and simple paleo meal plan guidebook.

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