PM Cardio-Drop the Carbs? (Do Carbohydrates At Night Make You Fat)

I know a lot of people have to train late at night and I know when you have to train late a night you get worried. Worried that the food you eat will automatically get turned to fat. Do carbohydrates at night make you fat?

First and foremost, you don’t get fat by eating late at night. The human body is an incredibly adaptive organism, just because your body gets incoming calories at night, that doesn’t mean it’ll be stored as fat. Carbohydrates at night don’t make you fat, junk at night does.

You have to focus on the big picture, not just one night. ┬áIf you burn more then you take in, you’ll lose fat.

Your carb amount doesn’t matter either, I know a bunch of natural athletes that get super lean on 200-400 grams of carbohydrates a day. It depends on your body. So the take home message, don’t sweat it. Just get it done, you’ll still lose loser ab fat.

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