Pollen at an all time high in 2010-How to fight back

Most people have no clue that pollen is every where. It’s in your car, home, air and the worst case, in you! Pollen and allergy have been in the top ten trending topic on twitter for the past four weeks alone. Yours truly has been getting his butt kicked by them for the last two weeks.

Due to the unseasonably cold weather down south, more areas than normal are feeling the pinch. As a matter of fact, it only takes 10 particales of pollen to trigger an allergic reaction. Tress produce between 3,000 to 6,000 particles per cubic meter. See what I’m saying?

Some will even tell you that allergic reaction can prevent you from losing lower ab fat or reducing your metabolism. Can it really? Not directly but it can cause you to cheat on your diet or miss some gym time. Food allergies are completely different.

My suggestions? Get to your local health food store and get some local bee pollen. Take one granule, it works great. Check out the benefits of bee pollen. Grape seed extract also works like a charm too. I’ve talked about herbs that reduce stress and some of them double as allergy fighters as well. Good luck!

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