Post Workout Insulin Spike

In today’s question and answer segment we talk about the post workout insulin spike and separate fact from fiction.

Question: Jimmy, I read online about how you need to consume a large carbohydrate meal with your post workout shake because insulin is anabolic. I used to be 20 pound over weight and am afraid of eating that many carbs at once. What should I do?

Answer: You have a reason to be afraid of all of the recent post workout carbohydrate recommendations, some of them are way too extreme.

Your body is hyper sensitive to your post workout carbohydrates since you’ve just trained so it’s not like any other time of the day when you’ll be just eating carbohydrates that you haven’t earned. Research out of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center looked at ATF-4, an anabolic transcription factor. They concluded that insulin plays a vital role in protein uptake and anabolism.

Basically, insulin helped your body use the protein that you were eating to your fullest genetic potential. While that’s all roses, most of the power workout food recommendations aren’t the healthiest. I mean isn’t that why we work out? To be healthy and strong and fit?

So just sucking down a shake of corn filled sugar isn’t my idea of a good time. You can get away with some cheat foods post workout but I wouldn’t use it as a daily binge. Just because oatmeal has fiver in it doesn’t make it a bad choice for a post workout carbohydrate source. The fiber won’t change the carbohydrate composition, it’ll justslow things down slightly.

I give my full and unbiased post workout recommendations in my article on my members site which you can access by clicking here.

To sum it up, it’s ok to have some sugar post workout but binge on it post workout. The post workout spikes but it’s not as vital as we used to think it is.

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