Protein And Bodybuilding-Why Bodybuilders Love Protein

Bodybuilding and protein go hand-in-hand. Think about it, have you ever known someone that eats a ton of protein that isn’t into bodybuilding or hardcore athletics? Not really, I know that I haven’t. The problem is that protein and bodybuilders get a bad wrap but at the same time why are bodybuilders so in love with protein?


What is it?

First off, we have to understand that every single cell in our body is amino acid driven. So our hair, nails and skin are all composed of amino acids. Protein is second only to water in terms of the most abundant nutrient in our body. Protein is consumed of amino acids, eleven of which our body can make. The other nine are non-essential amino acids that we need to consume through out diets. Taking in protein causes protein synthesis, which is essentially the process of turning on muscle growth.

Most bodybuilders want to get their protein sources from meat and dairy, since they are complete proteins. They provide all of the amino acids that we need to grow. With that being said, you can greatly increase your ability to gain muscle size by consuming branch chain amino acids which are the most readily available source of amino acids during training. If you ingest BCAA’s you’ll decrease the chances of breaking down muscle while you train.


You can also check out these articles on determining protein requirements and to find out how much protein do you need. I also made a video explain the deeper relationship between protein and bodybuilders.

Protein For Bodybuilding

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