Protein Helps Teenagers Build Muscle And Lose Fat

We all have heard about hardgainer diets or skinny guys diets for teenagers that need to build muscle and lose fat but could protein be the missing link?

The International Journal of Obesity examined the impact of a a high protein diet on teenagers who typically skip breakfast. They  found that teenagers that routinely ate breakfast felt better and consumed 130 less calories during the day.

The author of the study had this to say when asked about the effect of protein on a teenager diet.

“We observed that eating breakfast, regardless of composition, led to increased feelings of fullness (satiety). However, when the adolescents ate a breakfast rich in protein, they also experienced a reduction in hunger, thus maximizing the beneficial effects of protein,” says Heather J. Leidy, Ph.D

So was it the breakfast or the protein that led to these changes in the teens? Well most Americans do NOT get enough protein in their diets to begin with and we know that protein is essential for various growth processes, so I’m pointing to the protein.

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  1. Balwant Singh
    8 years ago

    Awesome informations ! Thanks for sharing important tips on such a easily available plateform ! Thanx a lot!!

  2. Kylee
    8 years ago

    Protein is essential in our bodies so of course it will help us get full, get lean and it also helps repair and build muscles.
    Nothing like a protein shake after a workout, or porridge with cinnamon tasting protein powder for brekkie, or scrambled eggs with capsicum, tomatoe, onions and mushrooms etc.
    Awsome read Jimmy…

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