Quick and Easy Ways To Detox Naturally

The word “detox” is very popular. It’s a buzz word, thus there are numerous pills and powders on the market that claim that they will detox you. In reality, it’s nothing but bullshit. There is a quick and easy way to detox naturally that NO ONE is telling you about because it doesn’t require expensive pills or powders.

Detoxing naturally isn’t just for soccer mom’s or overly fat people, detoxing is a very important way to increase your athletic performance, muscle mass and health. While there’s numerous steps that you can take, and I’ve created a special report on this topic, this is an easy 2 minute process that I perform every single morning.

Stop reading if you want the typical nonsense about eating a full breakfast, yada yada yada

Here’s the deal..


Wake up, get to the kitchen and pour a glass of alkalinzed water. Squeeze one fresh, organic if you want,slice of lemon into the water.

Take out the following pills

Systemic enzymes

500 mg’s of Vitamin C


B complex

Green tea

Grab on bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Read this article to make sure your olive oil is actually good. Be a beast and take 1 teaspoon of the olive oil straight up

Sit down and take all the above pills with your alkalinzed water with lemon.

Grab a cupof iced or hot green or black tea and enjoy.

You’ve just pushed toxins out of your body.

Here’s why it naturally and easily detoxes your body

Detoxing happens in three phases.

Phase one : With vitamin C and lemon, remove the toxins from your liver.This is a rather easy phase that your body will generally perform with no hassle.

Phase two: With the green tea and B complex, pushes them towards exiting your body. This is the TOUGHEST phase and requires a lot of amino acids

Phase 3: Rids them for good. Another easy phase but it ONLY happens after Phases 1 and 2.

Here’s a video that detailing the entire process.

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