Should you buy organic and a rant about Whole Foods and Monsanto

should you buy organic

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In case you don’t know how Monsanto is here’s a brief primer.

  • Monsanto controls all the large and small farms in the U.S. There’s only a handful of small farms left that they don’t control and Monsanto will have them under their thumb in a few months.
  • Monsanto forces you to use corn and soy feed for the animals and for your crops. Hence why we’re all sick these day.
  • Monsanto will sue you for not using corn or soy, yes they really are evil.
  • Everyone that has a high position in Monsanto generally moves onto a high government position. This is very easily provable.
  • I’m considering investing in Monsanto, seriously. I’m not a fan of them but they are a recession or downturn proof business that isn’t going anywhere and have a very stable stock.

Now before you right me off as some uneducated blogger, please check yourself. I advocate a grass fed, green tea, high veggies and fruits lifestyle. I believe that food is medicine.

I also don’t believe the hype.  Whole Foods has never been this champion of the people like they claim.

Should you buy organic food?

Not trying to say I told you so but…with this Whole Food and Monsanto GMO stuff. A) Whole Food’s has had a vegan agenda for YEARS, hence why they try to shove the soy and gluten dominant satan down your throats in all their “chicken free” meats. B)I’ve said for years that buying organic was a rip off. 90% of all pesticides are water souble…which means….they more then likely are washed with…water. And to boot, organic farms share the same soil and are right next to non organic farms…there’s this little factor called WIND. Eat less food, some starches, grass fed meat, wild caught fish, some fat and call it a day. Green tea really is super solider formula.

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