Simplifying your fitness

We often hear that knowledge is power.

That the more you know the more you’ll achieve.

In a perfect world, that’s 100% accurate but look around, we’re far from perfect these days however.

With so many advertisements and individuals competing for your attention, it’s hard to maintain your innocence when it comes to your training and nutrition knowledge.

There’s always new ways for you to diet with or new training methods for you to try when chasing your ideal physique.

The filtration of those ideas is the difficult thing. Am I the only one that gets excited to try new things in my diet or training to achieve more?

I hardly doubt it.

The problem becomes when we get confused with the training methods.

I’ve told this story often but it needs to be repeated.

In the winter of 2005 I played with various different training methods. My businesses were busy and I didn’t have time to play in the gym. My mind was restless when I was training so I played with alternating volume approaches.

Day 1 was something like 4 sets of 6 for two to three movements

Day 2 was like 2 sets of 20 reps for two to three movements

Then I would repeat every other day for four to five days.

I hardly grew…

Yet it was the popular thing for “nerve system priming” or whatever else a few people were touting online.

It did nothing for me!

I would of been better off just sticking with the usual recommendations of 3 sets of 12 reps. Oh no I couldn’t, we know that’s ineffective., right? A training program is only effective at the effort that you put into it.

Same thing with your nutrition, instead of shifting from supplement to supplement, just chill and use a few proven supplement like I recommend here.

If you want to try a new method that’s fine but you know you need to stick with it for 12 weeks or so until you see results.

Here’s my take home point for today.

It’s fantastic that you learn more about your body and training and nutrition and I want you to try new things but I don’t want you to get caught up in the glitz and glamour and forget simple training and diet methods done in a progressive fashion beat any new and sexy method out every day!

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