Six Pack Diet Design Overview

I just wanted to make this quick for you to explain my overall strateg when it comes to setting up a six pack diet . I started noticing an alarming trend in my twitter and facebook messages as well as in my emails. People were getting so confused by the various diets that are on the market that they end up following one for a week and a different diet the week after that.


So I finally said “enough” and needed to break out my camera and record this video going over how you need to set up each meal and what you should look for in the process.

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  1. Gil
    9 years ago

    Good breakdown Jimmy. I know a fair share about nutrition and training but I even forget somethings or get lazy. Nothing groundbreaking here, just good stuff.

  2. Kevin
    9 years ago

    I’m confused. This video says 12 grams of fat per serving and the article on How To Setup a Six Pack Diet says some people go crazy and eat 10 grams of fat every meal.

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