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I’m tall. Ok, most of you may know that I’m 6’6. That’s not the point of this article. Being that I’m tall, certain movements become harder for me to perform. Now anyone will get out of breath if they push themselves on a squat but I have a far greater range of motion than someone 5’6. Thus a limiting factor for me, at times, will be that I’m out of breath, especially on higher rep squats.

So that got me thinking, what are some good supplements for endurance?

I initially sought out an old Chinese Olympic training secret, mushrooms. Cordyceps, which is a mushroom extract, has been touted for years as a way for athletes to increase their oxygen delivery. I’ll say that I give it a 4 out of 10, I noticed some slight improvements but I didn’t take it long enough to really test it out. So for the sake of not just throwing out random supplements, here’s a breakdown of the classes of supplements for endurance.

1.Energy Drinks

Not your typical Red Bull type drinks, I’m talking about strength training based supplements. These are the ones that the guys who grunt loud drink before they train, you know. They usually contain caffeine, yohimbine, yerba mate, green tea and various amino acids like beta-alanine.

The verdict: I’ve never tried them but they are fantastic for a one time fix.

2. Blood Boosting

These won’t give you a Floyd Landis like effect but these energy supplements will work. Iron is the first place that everyone looks and it can increase oxygen delivery but unless you are deficient in it, you don’t need it. Cordyceps, like I mentioned above as well as another mushroom extract Reishi both get the job done.

3. Carbs On The Run

This isn’t breaking news but carbohydrate sources like waxy maize and dextrose provide quick energy bursts. You normally see this in various liquid glee supplements.


While I’m normally not a bar fan, I do feel that when one needs quick energy, these are the way to go.  Since most bars are laden in carbohydrates, they fit the bill when it comes to needing a quick boast.

5. Stimulants

Like caffeine and green tea that we mentioned above, these stimulants block various fatigue processes. I’ve also found yerba mate to be more effect than caffeine or green tea.

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  1. Peter
    8 years ago

    Great post. Many women can suffer from less than optimal iron without recognizing it simply because they aren’t anemic. I love having some carbs on hand as well. Very handy post! I will follow from here on in!

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