Supplements for gaining muscle and losing fat

supplements for gaining muscle and losing fat

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What would you recommend for supplements for gaining muscle & losing fat – the basics. I know what to do nutrition-wise & I know what workouts to do, but what supplements will help me take it up a notch?

Supplements for gaining muscle and losing fat



That’s a great question. When I first saw it I immediately thought of it as an advanced question in the sense that most people just assume that the supplements that they take produce results as opposed to wanting to know the best ways to take the best supplements as the right time for results. See the difference?

First allow me to plug my Jimmy’s recommend supplements section…

Now onto your direct answer. I’m going to assume that you have the basics covered and your taking your multi vitamin, fish oil and whey protein powder. What supplements can help you gain muscle and lose fat? Here’s what I would suggest without knowing anything about your metabolism and hormones (believe me, it matters a lot)..

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Rhodiola Rosea

  • An adaptogen herb that helps with sleep disturbances, poor appetite and fatigue.
  • Facilitates neurotransmitters in brain
  • Best for acute stress response
  • 300-600mg of extract standardized for 1% rosavin (if you get a higher concentration of rosavin let me know and we’ll adjust.)

Here’s my preferred Rhodiola



  • Improves glucose-6-phosphate and glutathione-reductase activity (your body will handle carbohydrate rich meals better without fat storage)

Here’s my favorite Schizandra berry

Fish Oil

  • Blocks sugar absorption
  • Turns on carnitine enzymes
  • Improves serotonin levels = decreased carbohydrate cravings and decreases depression
  • 2-3g per feeding

My preferred Fish oil


  • Detoxifies xenoestrogens
  • Improves your bodies ability to handle carbohydrates post meal
  • 2 capsules three times per day

My favorite Fenugreek



  • Increases tissue tolerance to carbohydrates
  • Potent antioxidant that recycles vitamin C and vitamin E in the body
  • Shuttles nutrients (creatine, aminos, etc) into the muscle cell at a faster rate

Click here for my favorite R-ALA

Green Coffee Extract

  • Reduces post meal blood sugar spike
  • Increases the sensitivity of muscle cells

The BEST Green Coffee Extract On The Market

As you can see, I’ve mostly been focusing on improving insulin sensitivity in the muscle cell and with good reason. If you keep your muscle tissue more insulin sensitive you can store more nutrients from both your vitamins and food in your muscle cell. This keeps your bodyfat low and encourages muscle growth. These are the best supplements for gaining muscle and losing fat when you use them as suggested. Good luck!

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