Supplements for Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness is a bitch. It limits your movement, it keeps you out of the gym and it’s painful. Worst part, there’s no direct link between muscle soreness and muscle growth or strength gains. Now a new study shows that an old pill can actually reduce muscle soreness.
There actually is ONLY one”magic pill” that not only builds muscle and burns fat but it also ELIMINATES the majority of your muscle soreness post workout.
If you’re like me, you understand the importance of having a targeted nutrition approach to recovering post workout.
After all, the quicker you recover the FASTER your body starts making muscular gains.
As a matter of fact, there’s a glaring, desperate need to speed up your post workout recovery so that your body can start all of its fancy signals that mean muscle growth.
That “magic pill” that I was talking about earlier is none other than caffeine….
A new study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness showed that subjects not only had improved repetitions to failure (they could do more weight before fatiguing) but they also said that the reps felt easier and that they described their soreness as not nearly as bad as it normally is.
To sum it up,
They were able to lift more weight before muscle soreness made them stop
The reps felt easier
They weren’t nearly as sore the next day
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