Supplements to boost immune system

With the weather changing soon, now is the time to start focusing on boosting your immune system with supplements.

While most focus on Vitamin C or various herbal combinations, one of the best and most effective supplements to boost your immune system is whey protein. So how can a muscle building, fat loss supplement like whey protein raise your immune system?

First off, all of our cellular processes are driven by amino acids (protein) so by just drinking whey protein we start various cellular processes.

Most individuals know about probiotics and how that good bacteria can lead to improved health but whey protein can actually help to increase probiotics effectiveness to boost the immune system.

The most important and unknown factors involved with the whey protein and immune system connection is the numerous bioactive compounds that research is only starting to shed some light on.

So what are some other supplements to boost your immune system?

-Consider taking a Vitamin D supplement

-Take some probiotics since they’ll foster good bacteria to raise the immune system.

-Eat more foods high in zinc.

-Add some N-acetyl cysteine to improve fat burning and raise your immune system.

-Last but not least, don’t ignore Vitamin C.

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